4 failed IVF cycles abroad before welcoming their son Thomas in Cyprus

After ten years of marriage, four failed IVF cycles, and hundreds of medical tests, Malik Sabri Kadifa, and his wife finally welcomed their son Thomas in 2017. After trying fertility treatments in Iraq and India, they chose Cyprus for their final attempt and, as Malik says, “were finally blessed.”  

Why did you consider fertility treatment to grow your family?  

At that time, we were already married for ten years. However, we couldn’t get pregnant. We had four failed IVF cycles in Iraq and India. We also did hundreds of lab tests in different countries, such as Iraq, India, Jordan, and Lebanon. After such a journey, we lost hope of having a child and being a real family. This experience also affected our relationship with my partner. It was a challenging time for us. We decided to find another country to live in, and we chose Cyprus – this is where we tried again, and we were finally blessed!  

How long did it take you to get pregnant? 

When we started our treatment at Pedieos IVF Center, it took four months from the first visit until the day my wife got pregnant.  

How did you discover Pedieos IVF Center? 

Another doctor recommended two fertility clinics in Cyprus for our difficult case and Pedieos IVF Center in Nicosia was one of them.  

Why did you choose Pedieos IVF Center and Dr. Krinos Trokoudes for your fertility treatment? 

When we first met with Dr. Trokoudes and talked to each other, I felt confident with every word he said. I gave him a large file consisting of 100 pages or more of my and my wife’s medical tests, and he didn’t even hesitate to study all of it! He told me: “I have to study your medical history. Please come back after three days”. I remember it was Thursday, and we met again on Monday. Then he gave me the file back, and our conversion sounded something like this: 

Me: Doctor, what do you think about our situation? 

Dr. Trokoudes: I see a big chance for you to have a child. 

Me: Please, doctor, we are almost hopeless, and we accept our destiny… How much percentage would you give us? 

Dr. Trokoudes: 80% 

Me: OK, we are going to try again.  

How was your experience at Pedieos IVF Center? 

It was great! We have our baby boy Thomas, and we hope to start again. Covid-19 delayed it a bit, but we still have our embryos left in the centre.   

What would your advice be to others who are considering IVF? 

You should keep trying and never lose hope in God. The sky will bless you one day, and a baby will be born with the help of doctors and medical research.  

“We see many couples who come to us for a second opinion and a second IVF treatment. We individualize our treatments after examining all possible causes for the previous failures, whether very common or very rare, and design our new approach accordingly. For the final decision, we consult with our embryologists, geneticist, gynaecologists, and endocrinologist, and we take a group approach” 

Dr. Krinos Trokoudes 

Medical Director – Endocrinologist & Reproductive Medical Specialist, Pedieos IVF Center 


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