Become a Sperm Donor

Compensation based on EU regulations

Full professional sperm analysis prior to donation

Carrier screening for more than 250 recessive genes

Blood group and Rhesus, Beta Thalassemia trait

Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

sperm donor

Sperm donation process

The process to become a sperm donor is completely safe, anonymous and has no effect on your fertility in the future. By donating your sperm, you are giving a couple or single woman the opportunity of a lifetime to create a family.

These tests, that would normally cost hundreds of Euros to do on your own, are very valuable since they give you a better understanding of your general health and provide you with an indication of the quality of your sperm and fertility level.

There is no limit to how many times you can donate but donors usually make 6-8 donations.

The first step to donating your sperm is to fill in the form below and provide us with your contact details. One of our fully qualified coordinators will contact you and walk you through the entire process and compensation packages.

sperm donor

Become a sperm donor