Egg Donor Database for Intended Parents

In October 2021 Aphrodite Egg Bank based out of Nicosia Cyprus launched a brand new online platform that allows Intended Parents (IPs) to search for their perfect donor match. The platform gives greater control and flexibility to IPs by allowing them to conduct their search from the comfort of their home and in their own time.

IPs simply have to create an account and can start reviewing extended donor profiles with no obligation or cost. Within the profiles, IPs can learn about the donors’ full medical family history, education, and personality traits.

Operating under Pedieos IVF Center,  Aphrodite Egg Bank has developed a reputation for the quality of service, high success rates, and competitive prices. This is why we are confident to offer superior guarantee plans for replacement eggs that can give great comfort to patients. Our center is fully accredited in the EU, FDA (USA), Health Canada, and HFEA (UK) which allows us to ship to almost anywhere internationally.

All our donors go through an extensive screening and testing process to make sure that the eggs are of the highest quality. Donors are tested for 302 recessive genes, one of the highest levels of genetic screening available.

Stephanos Trokoudes, General Manager of Pedieos IVF Center and Aphrodite Egg Bank, said: “We understand that choosing an egg donor is a very personal and unique experience, so we created this online platform to provide patients with the convenience and privacy they need during this process”.

The platform offers an extensive number of filters that can be used to find the perfect donor characteristics. such as hair and eye color, race, blood type, etc.

Creating an account allows you to track and monitor your progress by adding donors that you like to your favorites (💓) so you can easily find them at a later stage. You will also see recently added and recently viewed donors to always stay on track with your search.

Once the perfect donor match is found, patients will be able to reserve as many eggs as they wish and have the option to ship the eggs to their own center or carry out the treatment at Pedieos IVF Center. “Based on our previous experience, intended parents find this holistic approach to egg donation very efficient and convenient. You won’t find many places with an egg bank and fertility center under the same roof.” – explains Stephanos, and continues: “Our pregnancy rates for IVF treatments using fresh and frozen donor eggs from Aphrodite Egg Bank in 2019 were 79%. We make it our priority to uphold the highest level of quality at all stages of the journey in creating a family.”

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