Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting (MACS)

As embryo quality is directly linked with healthy spermatozoa, new methodologies are applied in order to improve the selection of spermatozoa for fertilization.

Sperm DNA damage (DNA fragmentation) and subsequent sperm apoptosis is linked to poor embryo development or early miscarriages. Selection of the non-apoptotic normal spermatozoa for fertilisation is achieved using a combination of the MACS method (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting) and the standard method of sperm preparation. MACS method is proven to be associated with significantly higher motility, mitochondrial membrane potential, normal sperm morphology and decreased number of fragmented spermatozoa that could lead to a higher success rate.

We offer this method in cases with repeated failure of implantation, poor embryo quality, decreased blastocyst formation rate in previous IVF cycles, poor semen parameter and advanced age.

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