Pedieos IVF Center visits the Cyprus Forum 2022 in Nicosia

During 29-30 September 2022, our General Manager Stephanos Trokoudes, Head Embryologist Constantinos Pavlides, and donor coordinator Victoria Sasheva visited the Cyprus Forum in Nicosia. 

The Cyprus Forum seeks to become a lever and catalyst for change through discussions and debate leading to commitments, actions, and outcomes that will improve and promote sustainable and socially responsible policy in Cyprus and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.  

One of the topics discussed during the event was fertility and cross-border reproductive care focusing on the most common causes of infertility, infertility treatments, gamete donation, egg donor banks, fertility tourism options, and prospects for Cyprus to become a “fertility heaven.”  

At Pedieos IVF Center, we support this vision and believe that Cyprus offers a unique solution for people looking for ways to grow their families. Besides being an excellent location for starting a new family due to a pleasant Mediterranean climate all year round, the country is also famous for its great IVF clinics, affordable fertility treatments, and donor banks offering a vast pool of international donors.   

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