Pedieos IVF Review – “I found the medical care to be of high-quality”

Pedieos IVF Review

We always appreciate our patients taking the time to share their experiences about Pedieos IVF Center. Even though we received this testimonial back in 2015, the kind words from Paula still warm our hearts.

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“I found the medical care to be of high-quality” – Paula, US

Treatment: IVF with Donor Eggs
Treated by: Dr Krinos Trokoudes

I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience with the Pedieos Clinic. The staff there were kind, helpful, and very professional. They provided me with information on potential donors and the timing my cycle. They coordinated well with my US physicians who prepared me for my cycle. Once I was in Cyprus they were available to assist me in anyway that was needed.

Overall, I found the medical care to be of high-quality. I had no concerns about the safety of myself or my embryos. The prices charged were exactly as quoted in advance. I participated in the “special offer” and have no doubt that had my cycle not been successful that they would have kept up their end of the bargain and provided the additional transfers as needed. Based on my extensive research, this was the most cost effective option for the use of donor eggs that I could find in Europe or the US. For me the combination of professionalism, high quality care, and price made this the absolute best choice.

Things that gave me confidence in my choice of this clinic included positive reviews, published interviews conducted by Dr. Trokoudes, Dr. Trokoudes’ publication of research in peer reviewed journals, and the overall high quality medical care that is routine in Cyprus.

Other positives include the warm, welcoming reception to US travelers that I experienced at every juncture. English is spoken routinely in Cyprus. It is a beautiful place. I got to spend a day in Munich on my way to the clinic and Athens on my way home. The trip itself was a treat as I had not been to any of these places before.

The only real challenge I experienced with the clinic was coordinating the medication dosages with a US pharmacy. I suspect this had more to do with my local physician than the Pedieos clinic itself.


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