Dr. Katerina Menelaou

Dr. Katerina Menelaou


Dr Katerina Menelaou received her B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Surrey in 2011 and her M.Sc. in Clinical Embryology from the University of Oxford in 2013. Following that, Katerina was awarded a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, where she studied the multigenerational effects of abnormal folate metabolism on uterine structure and function, and fetoplacental development.

As a Research Scientist at Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic in Cambridge (UK), Katerina was responsible for the daily operation of the satellite laboratory of the Meiosis department of Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences (Germany). Katerina was featured on BBC’s ‘The One Show’ programme in an episode celebrating the life of Jean Purdy, pioneer of IVF treatment.

She currently works as an embryologist in Pedieos IVF Center.

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