PICSI - Hyaluran sperm selection

Selection of mature sperms

Sperms with high DNA integrity

Used in cases with recurrent miscarriages or poor quality embryos

PICSI - Hyaluran sperm selection

In most ICSI cases spermatozoa are carefully selected manually by the ICSI practitioner/embryologist and are injected into the egg for fertilisation. The selection of the normal looking spermatozoa is done by taking into account only their morphological characteristics. Some ‘good looking’ spermatozoa could carry damaged DNA (DNA fragmentation) which is linked to poor embryo quality and possible pregnancy loss.

The use of an advanced sperm selection method of Hyaluran (HA) – Sperm binding is proven to correlate maturity, morphology (structurally normal) and high DNA integrity (reduced DNA damage) in the selected sperms. Thus, only mature, normal looking spermatozoa are used for fertilisation. This procedure is very similar to what actually happens during fertilisation of the egg in the woman’s body since HA is a natural substance that it is found in the protective layer surrounding the egg.

Despite the importance of sperm selection in all IVF cases, using PICSI – Hyaluran sperm selection
(HA) is highly recommended in patients that had poor embryo development in previous IVF attempts or had recurrent miscarriages.

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