Natural Cycle IVF

No ovarian stimulation

No hyperstimulation

Reduced cost of treatment

Can be repeated every month

Eliminate risk of multiple pregnancy


Natural Cycle IVF may be an option for women who do not respond well to hormonal stimulation to increase egg production,  or women who are very sensitive to hormonal stimulation and may suffer from hyperstimulation. Natural Cycle IVF may also benefit women suffering from endometriosis, women with low ovarian reserve or women with a history or hormone related cancer. Natural Cycle may also be an option for women who do not want to take a lot of medication.

Women usually produce one egg per cycle. In Natural Cycle IVF the development of the egg is carefully monitored by ultrasound and blood tests. When the egg is mature it is aspirated under the guidance of ultrasound. The woman usually has mild sedation during the procedure.

The single egg can be fertilised to create an embryo, or the egg can be frozen until more eggs are collected. It is sometimes preferable to perform a few natural cycles to collect more eggs, therefore increasing chances for viable embryos.

In Natural Cycle IVF there is however a greater chance of cancellation due to premature ovulation or hormone levels not being optimal. Our specialist can advise you if this is a suitable option for you.